Deep cleansing face rejuvenation

ProFacial is an anti-aging, deep cleansing facial rejuvenation treatment that remodels collagen and eliminates wrinkles.

Effective Facial Care

ProFacial™ is all-in-one solution for multi-dimensional, effective facial care that combines the four technologies of Aqua Peeling, Ion Lifting, Multipolar RF and Ultrasound.

Convenient & Efficient

Easy replacement through patented detachable solution. Clear and direct checking of foreign substance level and easy filter replacement. Convenient solution and suction level control with digital control knob. Convenient and user-friendly user interface.

The Technologies


Aqua Peeling

Lactic Acid
Salicylic Acid
Highly enriched hydro-essence containing EGF element
Deep cleansing and peeling utilising the three solutions



Micro vibration
Activation of lipolysis and diffusion process, skin massage effect, purification effect, skin regeneration and transdermal delivery of cosmetics


Ion Lifting

Stimulating skin tissue, muscle, hair by using (+)(-) current
Providing skin elasticity and hair bounciness and improving transdermal delivery of cosmetics through iontophoresis


Multipolar RF

Create heat in the tissue by safe, low-electricity, high frequency energy (RF)
Collagen remodelling, melting fat and cellulite cell, blood circulation

Essential Info

What is ProFacial?

The Pro Facial treatment offers deep, thorough cleansing and exfoliation followed by a gentle hydrating infusion of natural ingredients including vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, peptides and healing zinc.

When should ProFacial be used?

What is it for? It is just perfect for treating excess sebum production in adult acne. It is also good for dull complexions caused by build up of dead surface skin cells. Sebaceous skin (greasy skin) responds particularly well to ProFacial.

It is delivered in 3 stages,

  • Deep cleansing using AHAs ( salicylic acid, glycolic acid ) to help dissolve stubborn dried sebum trapped in pores.
  • The second stage involves a combination of gentle exfoliation using the contoured ProFacial™ tip together with steady suction to extract compacted sebum and dead surface skin cells
  • The final stage involves infusing the skin under gentle positive pressure with a hydrating and healing cocktail of skin boosters.

The result is clean , healthy, glowing skin.

One is good. Three is better. One every 6 weeks or so is better still depending on the problem to be addressed.

None really. You will leave with very clean skin looking mildly pink. This calms down quite quickly.

£85 for one treatment. £225 for a course of 3.

Thank you for making me feel so relaxed and at ease on Friday night and also to say I absolutely loved what you have done at West Lodge. It is certainly somewhere I look forward to coming back and spending time at! I wish I could afford to have everything done I’d like to as the relaxed feel you have created is so good for my mental health!
So relaxed

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