Platelet Rich Plasma

Dramatically improve quality and evenness of your skin

Platelet Rich Plasma treatment, or PRP (also known a ‘Vampire Lift’) dramatically improves the quality and evenness of your skin for a fresher healthier complexion. It is a collagen stimulating treatment for deep skin rejuvenation.

Achieve Younger Looking & Firmer Skin

The net result is rejuvenated skin, younger-looking, firmer and more even in tone. It is particularly useful for the areas under the eyes, which can become crepey and shadowed over time. The results can be quite amazing. As rejuvenating treatments go, it’s up there with my favourites. It’s virtually risk free, as you are using your own 'product'. Its effectiveness stems from its use of products derived from your own blood to intensively stimulate the production of collagen in your skin.

Before & After - PRP

Boost Collagen For A Smoother Face

Platelet Rich Plasma is an advanced skin rejuvenation treatment. Platelets form part of the composition of your blood; taken out of their normal unactivated environment (in blood), they are exposed to tissues which will activate them, say the dermis of the skin of the face. These platelets stimulate the production of collagen exactly where you put it. And they do this in a very natural, gradual way replacing lost collagen and evening out crepiness and thinning skin. PRP treatment has also been found to be particularly effective in the treatment of scarred skin.

The Science of Platelet Rich Plasma

Blood is made up of cells suspended in plasma. There are red blood cells (for oxygen transport ), white blood cells (for immunological defence) and platelets which are responsible along with other clotting factors in your blood for stopping you bleeding. Without platelets you would bleed very easily. They are, literally, vitally important.

Normally, blood flows smoothly along inside blood vessels, which are intentionally quite slippery inside. When they are damaged and they tear, the tissues under the lining are exposed. These tissues contain collagen, which is very sticky to passing platelets and causes the platelets to become activated. This change causes them to attach to this exposed basement membrane. They also stick together and this forms a plug, which stops further leakage of blood from the vessel. Obviously, this isn’t enough to restore the vessel; the process of repair needs to begin. And this is stimulated by the activated platelets themselves.

Essential Info

How does it work?

Activated platelets release local hormones called cytokines, which provide a very potent signal to surrounding cells (fibroblasts) to produce new collagen. They also release a variety of growth factors, e.g. platelet derived growth factor (PDGF) and these growth factors stimulate formation of new cells, new blood vessels and more ground substance to repair the damaged tissue.

Naturally and gradually

If you take platelets out of their normal unactivated environment (in blood) and expose them to tissues which will activate them, say the dermis of the skin of the face, they will obviously stimulate the production of collagen exactly where you put it. And they will do this in a very natural, gradual way replacing lost collagen and evening out crepiness and thinning skin.

Not really. Local anaesthetic cream really helps. Under the eyes is virtually pain free.

Any Contra-indications?

If you have very few platelets (that you know about) or are taking aspirin or other drugs that affect platelet activation (like clopidogrel or Plavix) then PRP will not work as well. The risks of stopping some of these drugs may not be worth it, although stopping aspirin for one week ahead of treatment should be fine. We would discuss any health issues thoroughly at your consultation.

There is also evidence to support the use of PRP in treating hair loss and hair thinning. The scalp is treated with a topical local anaesthetic for 30 mins or so, then is needled with a mesotherapy technique (mesotherapy just means any treatment that stimulates the deeper dermis of the skin, usually with needle rollers; we use Dermapen).

The PRP obtained from your own blood, which has been spun down, is then carefully injected into the areas with the most significant loss. The rest is up to time as hair goes through three distinct phases of growth and results may not be obvious for at least 3-4 months.

From £750 (using U225 MesoGun & Dermapen) including follow up.

Once a year would do, but 6 monthly is a definite option. For a more intense 'kick start' we would recommend 3 treatments, 6 weeks apart.

We apply iS Clinical Sheald balm after each treatment. It is important that you keep the skin clean, washing with warm water. Do not use soaps or products with active anti-ageing properties (for example, Retinol) for the first two weeks following treatments. The aim is to keep the skin as moisturised as possible with a simple barrier cream, such as Sheald iS Clinical.

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