Remarkable anti-ageing, lifting and tightening of loose skin

We have been treating clients here with Morpheus8 in our clinic since 2019, having been the first to offer this in Scotland. Dr. Willis routinely uses Morpheus8 when training other doctors on behalf of InMode (the makers of Morpheus8) in the practice of FaceTite and NeckTite.

Effective Non-Surgical Rejuvenation

It is, without doubt, one of the most effective non-surgical rejuvenation options available in aesthetics at the moment and the only one which, when used with FaceTite offers sub-dermal adipose (fat) remodelling and jaw line contouring. It has been seen extensively in the press recently thanks to Judy Murray’s transformative experience.

Superior Skin Tightening, Lifting & Contouring

Morpheus8 is one of a group of RF (radio frequency) technologies available with the InMode platform. It is a hand held device with disposable cartridge tips, delivering novel, cutting edge, micro-needling treatments using radio frequency energy to precisely target the deeper layers of the dermis.

Why is it different from other treatments?

It differs from all other micro-needling treatments available today in several very important ways.


It treats deeper layers (up to 4mm) which is unmatched by any other technology. The depth the needles penetrate can also be set. From 1mm for superficial epidermis and dermis, through to 3mm for deep dermal therapy in the face, and to 4mm for sub-dermal adipose tissue of the neck, jowl and body.


The energy, from 5 to 62 MJ, can also be set depending on the issue and area to be treated. Starting at 5 MJ of energy for very mild superficial thermal rejuvenation right through 35/45 MJ for deep dermal rejuvenation in the face to 62 MJ at 4mm for lipolysis (destruction of fat cells) of subcutaneous fat in the neck and body.


The fine needles are coated throughout their length with silicon, exposing only the tip. This means there is less superficial epidermal injury, less down time, and less discomfort. The area specifically targeted is the only area treated.

Radio Frequency

The addition of RF delivers heat, causes remodelling of tissues and, most importantly, contraction. Other needling devices are very good at stimulating new collagen and elastin growth through micro-injury. Morpheus8 takes this to a whole new level by tightening skin.

Because it can be programmed to both depth and energy, it can be very precisely tailored to treat individual issues.
This can all be done within the same treatment.

Watch How Morpheus8 Works

Essential Info

What does it treat?

Fine lines on the face, around the eyes or top lip.
Open pores over the whole face, especially the nose.
Deep lines would be treated with a combination of energies and depths. This is because the actual cause of deeper lines is two fold. It is a function of the loss of collagen and elastin through ageing (and/or sunbathing , smoking etc) plus a reduction in the hyaluronic acid matrix in the dermis. This makes the skin thinner, (so it looks like there is more of it) and this leads to it folding and creasing into lines, both superficial and deep. The answer is in improving the quality  of the skin. Of course, dermal fillers replace inevitable volume loss and Botox redresses the imbalance of the underlying muscle overuse.

Skin quality

Morpheus8 is the answer to improving skin quality.
Skin Laxity of the whole face, including the eye area, jowls and neck .The aim here is to cause contraction.
Jowl and neck fat would be treated using 2 levels of heat and depth. This would result in the remodelling of tissues, hence the name , Morpheus8 ( for morphological or shape change).
So, all in all, many issues can be treated simultaneously with this extremely versatile, effective technology.
The tailored treatments depend on the individual person and ongoing rejuvenation needs.

No. At higher powers it can be , at worst, uncomfortable. Mostly, however, it is painless. Initially, injectable anaesthetic was used to numb the skin and deeper tissues of the face and neck. Now, however, a newer topical local anaesthetic has been developed (containing TEN times the strength of previously available creams. 23% lignocaine plus 5% tetracaine) and this offers a highly effective solution with no injections. The local anaesthetic cream is applied for 45mins to 1 hour prior to treatment.

Because the needles are coated, there is little epidermal injury which means downtime is much less. 2 days max. Makeup can be worn on day 2. There is almost no swelling and bruising is rare.

This will depend on the area in question and the degree of rejuvenation desired. As a general rule, though, 2 treatments, 4-6 weeks apart are recommended. Once a year.

After the initial slight redness resolves (2 days) the skin looks better almost instantly. After about 3-4 weeks there can be a period of time where you will feel there is no improvement. This is because the skin calls take, on average, 28 days to turn over completely and, because there has been some collagen destruction with the thermal injury, the new collagen is not as apparent at this point. Improvement becomes much more obvious at 5-6 weeks and continues for several months. Your skin will be noticeably smoother, firmer and even in tone. Many report they stopped using foundation makeup following Morpheus8 treatments. Jowl and neck fat will reduce over several months.

They are £750 each, two to three being recommended. 4-6 weeks apart.

Thank you for making me feel so relaxed and at ease on Friday night and also to say I absolutely loved what you have done at West Lodge. It is certainly somewhere I look forward to coming back and spending time at! I wish I could afford to have everything done I’d like to, as the relaxed feel you have created is so good for my mental health!
So relaxed

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