Forma Plus™

Skin rejuvenation

A thermal contraction therapy, which uses radiofrequency energy as heat. It is a skin rejuvenating treatment.

For All Skin Types

Forma Plus is a fabulous rejuvenating treatment for all skin types, but is especially good for treating skin laxity and fine wrinkles. It causes skin to contract slowly over time, so reverses the descent of skin on the face.

Before & After - Forma Plus

What Does It Involve?

The hand-piece is passed slowly over your face and neck using ultrasound gel as a lubricant and gently heats the skin. The treatment takes about an hour.

Essential Info

No, not at all. It is extremely relaxing and is a wonderful treat.

This depends on the degree of skin laxity needing treated but generally at least 4 are recommended. Maintenance treatments as rejuvenating facial therapies are recommended at 4-6 monthly intervals.

Everything about my experience at the clinic has been fantastic, and Nicola is a joy to spend time with. The procedure itself was surprisingly painless and very successful in improving my appearance and self confidence.

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