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Dr Nicola Willis

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Welcome to Dr. Nicola Willis at West Lodge Medical. Our aim at West Lodge Medical is to provide a truly wonderful experience of Advanced Clinical Aesthetic Treatments in peaceful, beautiful surroundings. Registered with Healthcare Improvement Scotland, we offer a welcoming, safe environment, with established and leading clinical techniques by a recognised world luminary.

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Our advanced aesthetic facial treatments combine art and science for successful results. They are completely tailored to skin types and concerns, promoting and maintaining healthy skin.

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For remarkable anti-ageing, lifting and tightening of loose skin, we use Morpheus8 and NeckTite to tighten the skin of the neck. Our Ethibond treatments also offer an additional lift.

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Our BodyTite and Morpheus8 treatments lift and reduce stubborn fat, while re-contouring and tightening the body. We also remove moles, birthmarks and skin tags with radiosurgery.

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" My old friend Gary Johnstone asked me if I would be willing to participate in his latest film project. "Everyday People"  
He has a  successful career writing, directing and producing some very big films, one of the latest ones being Welcome to Earth with Will Smith. 
This series involved asking 9 everyday people, with a particular passion for their work, the same 5 questions. No prior knowledge, no script, minimal technical prep. So excuse the odd bleeped out word, it is as it is. 
Hope you enjoy...... "

Directly after the procedure I could see a remarkable difference that I am assured will get even better over the next six months. Taking the step to have this done was one of the best decisions I have made and I am extremely happy with the results.

Positive Results After Just One Session

Choose a treatment that’s right for you. We can help with wrinkle relaxing, scar treatment, acne scarring, IPL, Dermapen, Morpheus8, PRP, FaceTite™, NeckTite™, Forma and BodyTite™... View ourBefore & Aftergallery, and slide to reveal treatment results!

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NeckTite NeckTite

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I have always found Nicola to be professional yet personal at the same time. Knowing she is medically qualified gives me complete confidence and trust in all that she does. Being able to receive such consultations and treatments locally is of paramount importance to me due to my busy working schedule.
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The Sculptite Combination

We are the only clinic to offer SculpTite™️. This unique treatment has been developed after years of experience with FaceTite and NeckTite. We use a specific combination of therapies to treat what we call the 3 Ds of ageing. The deflation which occurs when we lose volume, and the deterioration and thinning of the skin due to reduced collagen and elastin production. These both lead to the descent of our tissues under the influence of gravity, which occurs naturally in all of us as we age. Although inevitable, it isn’t untreatable. These minimally invasive, highly effective, no scalpel procedures have been developed to safely address all of these. We combine Face and NeckTite with Ethibond suspension lift, fat transfer or filler and Morpheus8 to truly sculpt the face. When used together with a careful technique and artistic eye, they can deliver truly remarkable results.


This technique relies on the property of skin and underlying tissues to contract when treated with carefully applied heat. Treats the “D” of descent.

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Jawline Definition

We use liposuction applied to unwanted neck fat, combined with the placement of deep jaw line filler, which can give jaw dropping results. Literally.

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Fat Transfer

Using filtered, treated fat from another area of the body, it’s the ultimate in organic treatments and an excellent way to treat the “D” of deflation.

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A fabulous, world leading treatment from Invasix which treats the “D” of deterioration, by combining needling, heat, contraction and collagen stimulation. It truly ‘morphs’ your tissues into a rejuvenated result.

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Ethibond™️ suspension suture offers an additional lift when platysmal or “neck bands” are the main issue. Unlike other thread lifts available, this suture is often used in plastic surgery and can offer a longer lasting result.

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In my spare time, I paint portraits and sculpt heads. Aesthetic treatments ultimately need an artistic eye, so this aspect of your care, assessment and ongoing treatment is one of the most important.

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General Medical Council Registered

Fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists

Fellow of the Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine

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